An unprecedented all-access pass to the creation of some of the most memorable and terrifying scenes in motion picture history. Movie buffs, special effects enthusiasts, and fans of the watershed film will thrill in this definitive volume’s special features:

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• foreword by JAWS director Steven Spielberg

• hundreds of never-before-seen photographs of the production’s inner workings, taken by local participants and bystanders, as well as a detailed account of how the filmmakers chose Martha’s Vineyard as their shooting location

“After thirty-five years, I can’t believe the fan base JAWS has. A coffee table book showing the making of the movie in a whole new light is long overdue.”
—Joe Alves: JAWS Production Designer

• recollections of local crew and cast members

• newly illustrated schematics by JAWS Production Designer Joe Alves explaining the intricacies of the revolutionary sea sled fin mechanism, as well as his original 1974 storyboards

• insight on adapting JAWS from the page to the screen from Hollywood professionals including Screenwriter Carl Gottlieb, Location Casting Director Shari Rhodes, and more

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