October Country: Interview with Jim Beller & Matt Taylor

Blu Gilliand interviews Matt and Jim on his website, October Country:

You touched on your choice to limit stories from the professionals involved with the movie – was that in keeping with a specific tone you wanted for the book?

Jim Beller: We really didn’t involve many of the Hollywood crew in this book because that story has been told already a number of times through various books, magazine articles and documentaries over the years. Matt wanted to focus on stories that hadn’t been told before. But the handful of Hollywood participants that we did involve were fantastic, and shared all kinds of new stories and photos that JAWS fans are going to love.

Matt Taylor: I wanted the book to feel local—a “Hollywood comes to Mayberry” type feel. The more Hollywood names we involved, the more we’d lose that “hometown” feel. I think we have a good blend. The book is mostly told through the perspective of the local islanders who were involved.

Read the full interview at October Country.

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