“In order to create a successful a “making of book”, the authors main objective is to put the reader “literally” on the set of that film…next to the director yelling cut…the actor’s flubbing their lines…and with the special effects crew as they battle to pull off one of the most spectacular creatures ever created. Matt Taylor and Jim Beller not only accomplished this ten fold, but I feel like I am a bit seasick with sand in my shoes and a nasty sunburn. Never has a book been published in my opinion that so precisely recounts the “tail” of making JAWS…and in reading it I feel like I stood on the bow of the ORCA as part of the crew.

It is the book I have been waiting for since June 20, 1975.”
-Greg Nicotero: KNB EFX Group, Inc.

“As a Kid I would watch Jaws and only wonder what it was like to make a movie like that. To touch the shark to shake hands with the actors. To be able to point the camera at ocean and see the mighty Orca come into view. Thanks to Matt and Jim and this incredible book I finally got to do that. This is the complete behind the scenes book to Jaws and gives me the true experience I’ve ever wanted as a kid for my favorite movie of all time.”
-Danny Miller: Movie poster illustrator

“I had a peek at Matt and Jims book a few weeks before it was released and couldn’t believe my eyes. Once I got my final copy and had time to read the stories and look at the incredible collection of pics taken by Islanders as well as crew that have never seen the light of day for over 36 years, I was floored. With all the countless Docs and books repeating the same regurgitated stories over and over it was getting real boring. “Jaws: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard” goes so indepth, it’s like hearing the making for the first time, along with how and where each sequence was filmed in order, even including the dates. This book is world class and will never be out done. Any fan of Jaws or movies in general is doing themselves a huge injustice by not having this book. It really is that great. Thanks Jim and Matt for making this happen.”
-Paul McPhee: Marine life artist

“After reading this book we are completely blown away with the incredibly thorough and detailed, daily account of the making of Jaws. Never before has there been a Jaws book this intricately detailed. As if that’s not enough, we also have thousands of islander photos that match the stories told! If there’s anything at all that you’ve ever wondered about Jaws, chances are your answer will be in this massive book somewhere. You could spend an hour on every page just to take in the photos and stories. Every Jaws fan simply MUST own this book. It’s a tribute to the film, it’s creators, and the residents of Martha’s Vineyard who allowed their quaint island to be overtaken by Hollywood. So we tip our “bad hat” not only to these folks, but also to the book’s creators as well. A simply remarkable accomplishment by Matt Taylor & Jim Beller that is clearly destined to be part of Jaws lore for many years into the future.”
-Lou & Dianna Pisano

“The wealth of background information presented here is incredible and goes way beyond any documentaries or DVD extras you’ll have seen. It’s a stroke of genius to come at this from the perspective of the Vineyard residents who participated in the movie, and the pictures are simply stunning. This book’s a work of art in itself and quite frankly a MUST for any true fan of the film.”
-Andy Mac

“As I delve deeper and deeper into this amazing book, I am continually impressed by the staggering amount of behind-the-scenes photos and treasure-trove of stories, anecdotes, and first-hand accounts it contains. Even ‘Pipit’ has been given his own feature page!! This is the best ‘making-of-a-film’ book ever produced! Just an amazing job by everyone involved!”
-Johnny DeLonghi

“Positively brilliant! Marvelous labour of love. The most definitive book on JAWS ever produced. Every time I open it it’s Christmas morning all over again. I have not been so excited since I saw the film in the cinema in 1975…and had to sleep with my bedroom light on for the next six months.”
-Richard A. Williams

“I got my copy a couple of days ago. At first, I was so overwhelmed by all the info in it, I think it fried my overly excited Jaws fan brain. After a couple of days just looking through the book, I find it still may take me a long time to take it all in. Amazing images and very interesting stories for all Jaws fans to savor and enjoy. An absolute MUST have book and a favorite of my entire library.”
-Frederick Lester Walker III

“This is an UNBELIEVABLE masterpiece, very well written, with astonishing behind the scenes pictures that were never published, or even known for their existence… If you are a fan of Jaws then this is the book!”
-Gert Albers

“If there is a literary prize for coffee-table books, this inspired tome deserves top honors. It is a fantastic work that, page after lovely page, beautifully and succinctly reveals the heart and soul of a collective story shared by so many fortunate islanders who shared a stellar moment in film-making history.”
-Dana Goudreault

“This book is truly a great achievement and perhaps show others how documenting a production should be done.”
-Kenneth E. Nation

“My copy of “JAWS: Memories of Martha’s Vineyard” has arrived and it’s truly stunning, if you are a fan of the movie you HAVE to own this. People are going to be talking about this for years!!!”
-Edward McCormack

“I recieved my copy this morning, and all I can say is ‘WOW!’ thank you so so much for putting this together, what a wonderful insight into the making of my favourite film of all time, simply superb!!!!”
-Gail Costello

“What an amazing tribute to the greatest movie of all time and a book that every fan old and new should have on the coffee table. This one will surely be the ultimate JAWS collectible in a very short amount of time.”
-Patrick Delaney

“I received a little slice of Heaven in the mail today in the form of this book! Matt and Jim, my hat is off to you! Wonderful job! Absolutely amazing and gorgeous book…a real winner!!”
-Andrea Fix

“Simply the most gorgeous piece of literature EVER created! Thank you for everyone that made this treasure possible!”
-Jim Means

“The photographs alone are worth it, but it is in reading so many new stories from those who worked on the film that gives the book a very special nuance, in that even the most die hard Jaws fans (myself included) will be pleasantly amazed at the new & never before seen or heard stories.”
-Chuck Gramling

“I just received my deluxe copy of “JAWS: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard” yesterday evening and I have to say that my JAWS (pun intended) are still hung open wide. I am truly amazed at the beautiful construction of this deluxe set… corners were cut in making this the BEST coffee table sized collector’s edition book possible. There are thousands of photos, drawings and schematics that I have never seen before. I cannot thank the makers of this book enough for finally giving fans a book that does justice to the legacy of JAWS!”
-Kristopher Meadows

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