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Kirkus Reviews spotlight interview with Matt Taylor

Kirkus ReviewsJAWS: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard author, Matt Taylor was the subject of a spotlight interview at Kirkus Reviews:

Matt Taylor was only 2 years old when camera crews arrived on Martha’s Vineyard in 1974 to film Jaws. But when internationally renowned collector of movie memorabilia Jim Beller approached him in 2006 with an idea for a coffee-table book about the making of Steven Spielberg’s classic shark thriller, Taylor, a 15th-generation Vineyard resident, went door-to-door to find snapshots and other production artifacts that had gone unseen for over 35 years.

It was an angle so fresh that Spielberg volunteered to write the book’s foreword, and we awarded the book, named Jaws: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard, a star.

Kirkus also gave the book a Blue Star in September and named it one of their Best of 2011.

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Book review and interview with Matt Taylor and Jim Beller at Cinema Retro

Todd Garbarini reviewed the book at CINEMA RETRO magazine’s website and interviewed Matt Taylor & Jim Beller!

If this book is not the greatest book ever published about the making of a motion picture, I simply don’t know what is. It should set the standard for future publications on similar classics. It stands as a testament to not only a great motion picture, but as an authenticated record of what it truly takes to make a film and realize that film through a camera lens and most importantly, to be able to solve seemingly insurmountable odds and problems that inevitably beset a film crew.

Read the full intervew and review at Cinema Retro.

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They Live by Night interviews Matt Taylor

Bilge Ebiri at the blog “They Live by Night” interviewed Matt Taylor about the book.

Of course, the culture at large has an image of Martha’s Vineyard as some kind of haven for wealthy elite types (witness the media silliness over Obama’s recent visit there) but its actual residents appear to be anything but. And Jaws is a film whose shoot was deeply intertwined with the community at large: town residents actually played parts in the film, and the film itself is steeped in a unique kind of atmosphere that no studio set would ever have been able to match.

Visit “The Live by Night” to read the entire interview.

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Hollywood Soapbox interviews Matt Taylor

Hollywood SoapboxJohn Soltes over at Hollywood Soapbox interviewed Matt Taylor about the book.

I wanted to create something that felt like Rinzler’s Star Wars and Indiana Jones books — a book jam packed with all kinds of stories, photos and anecdotes. Mainly because the production of Jaws is so legendary and deserved, I felt, to finally be told through a combination of never-before-heard stories, and never-before-published photos.

Visit Hollywood Soapbox to read the entire interview.

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Matt Taylor and Julian Wise on WGBH Radio’s The Emily Rooney Show

Plagued by problems from the outset, Steven Spielberg’s cult classic film Jaws became one of the biggest movies of all time. Author Matt Taylor’s new book Jaws: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard gives us a peek into what it was like to live on the small island community during the production. Taylor – and contributing editor Julian Wise – join us.

WGBH Radio

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Plum TV Interview

Matt Taylor and contributing editor Julian Wise sat down with Martha’s Vineyard’s Plum TV to discuss the book:

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MovieMikes.com interview with Matt Taylor and Jim Beller

Media MikesMovieMikes Interviewed Matt Taylor and Jim Beller last weekend on Martha’s Vineyard:

Over this past 4th of July weekend I had the unique opportunity to shadow book author Matt Taylor and conceptualist Jim Beller on Martha’s Vineyard as they met with film fans and discussed their new project. During some rare down time in their whirlwind schedule, as fans gathered for a screening of the film, they took a few moments to sit down with MovieMikes and talk about the book.

MovieMikes is also having a book giveaway, visit the site for details.

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Vineyard Gazette interview with JAWS Production Designer, Joe Alves

Joe AlvesHollywood’s Close Encounters of the Island Kind by Peter Brannen:

“My concern was the audiences might laugh at the shark,” he said in a telephone conversation from his Hollywood home on Tuesday.

During production the crew would alternately cringe and chuckle during Bruce the Shark’s climactic appearances off State Beach, accompanied as they were by a racket of valves and hydraulic rams. Without the benefit of sound editing and John Williams’s driving, satanic score, the mechanical beast proved rather unintimidating. But with a little movie magic, that all changed.

John Alley, cast as not-too-bright fisherman, quit film. “At the first screening we had, the audiences didn’t laugh at all,” he said. “They screamed.”

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October Country: Interview with Jim Beller & Matt Taylor

Blu Gilliand interviews Matt and Jim on his website, October Country:

You touched on your choice to limit stories from the professionals involved with the movie – was that in keeping with a specific tone you wanted for the book?

Jim Beller: We really didn’t involve many of the Hollywood crew in this book because that story has been told already a number of times through various books, magazine articles and documentaries over the years. Matt wanted to focus on stories that hadn’t been told before. But the handful of Hollywood participants that we did involve were fantastic, and shared all kinds of new stories and photos that JAWS fans are going to love.

Matt Taylor: I wanted the book to feel local—a “Hollywood comes to Mayberry” type feel. The more Hollywood names we involved, the more we’d lose that “hometown” feel. I think we have a good blend. The book is mostly told through the perspective of the local islanders who were involved.

Read the full interview at October Country.

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Flush the Fashion: Interview with Matt Taylor

Flush The FashionThe website, Flush the Fashion interviewed Matt Taylor about the making of the book.

“Jaws was a landmark film for so many different reasons. The effects, the music, the acting, the Dolly Zoom, the prosthetic shark (nicknamed Bruce) and above all because it is such a brilliant movie. It still makes me jump now when the head appears through the hole (you know the bit).

“If you haven’t seen it, ‘see it’, if you have seen it you might want to take a look at a fascinating new book about the making of the movie.”


Read the full interview at Flush the Fashion.

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